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School Account Software

Straight-Forward Solution to School Online Fees Payment

Whether it's paying for a school trip, keeping up-to- date with school fees or paying in to the school's social fund, there are always occasions when parents need to transfer money over to the school. Rather than relying on traditional methods such as sending cash or a check in an envelope, a growing number of parents now prefer to pay online, using school account software. As part of our software solutions for schools, we offer a versatile, highly secure school payment system that can really make a difference.

Simple School Payroll Software

The software we offer is designed to cope with a wide range of financial transactions. Whether you need to sort out teacher's pay, manage parental accounts or keep track of other financial data, our system lets you do it all quickly, easily and securely. Rather than trying to synchronize multiple financial systems, our software lets you complete almost all of your financial record keeping online.

School Account Software Makes Life Easier for Parents

Parents love things that make their life simpler, which is why an automatic school payment system is of real benefit. Our secure software can be accessed at any point and payments can be made online, allowing parents to pay at any time of the day or night. There's also no need for cash, which is an advantage when many parents mainly use cards for their financial transactions and don't necessarily have easy access to ready cash.

Help with School Online Fees Payment

If you feel that your school would benefit from an efficient, fast and user-friendly payment system, get in touch and we will be happy to help. Our friendly, skilled team is able to help with every aspect of your software installation, operation and maintenance, providing a one-stop support solution that's easy to access. To find out more about what we can offer, call us at (928) 242-4700.