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Cloud Based

Lets you securely access the application from any internet connected device.


Quick Set-up

Get up and running quickly with the highly intuitive and easy to use interface.



Team of trained professionals are there to assist you both online as well as onsite.

School Management Software


Instant Attendance Report

Lets Parent know about child’s daily and monthly attendance in minutes through SMS & Mobile App.


Bus Location Tracking

No need to wait long at Bus stops, Just give a Missed call and get to know the exact Bus Location.


Homework Notifications

Daily Homework updates, helps Parent in closely monitoring the child’s academic performance.


Performance Updates

Regular updates about child’s performance in all the tests & Exams conducted by School.



Updates Students and Parents about the important circulars and notifications from the school instantly.


Exams & Extra Activities

Students can access the study materials, Projects, Assignments and other educational contents anytime.


Mobile Application

Our Smart, Intuitive and Easy to use mobile application lets Parent connect with the school seamlessly.


Add-ons for School Admin

Includes Online Registration, Accounts, Role & Permission based Set up, GPS Tracking of Vehicles etc..


CCE Application

Makes CCE implementation easier with flexible set up options and Chart based Student analysis reports.

Have You Considered School Management Software from India?

These days, being a parent is tough! Demanding schedules mean that finding the time to check that children have everything they need to complete the school day successfully, as well as having the right information for homework, projects and similar tasks, can be a real challenge. That's why a school management system can work so well, providing schools and parents with the information they need to maximize the chances of successful outcomes for children.

A School Management System Captures a Wealth of Information

From school attendance through to the homework that's been set, our school ERP software provides a single, convenient portal through which parents can access a wealth of valuable information which is important to their child's progress and well-being at school. Other data that can be obtained through our software includes bus location tracking, performance updates, exams and extra activities, school administration and announcements.

Plenty of Support for School Website Management

Our team understands that school staff is kept busy and don't always have lots of time to train in using new software. That's why we have a team of friendly professionals available to assist with using the system and inputting relevant information. Many schools find that once the software is in place, both parents and school staff largely benefit from the time saved and greatly enhanced home to school communication.

The School Management App Can Be Easily Downloaded

Parents can download the App, enabling them to check on their child's progress or receive updates no matter where they are. Particularly convenient for emergency announcements (such as a later finish time to an event, for example), the App ensures our system is accessible and easily utilized by parents. To find out more about how school management software can transform the educational experience for schools, parents and children, call us at +91-44-64624700 or (928) 242-4700.